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Eline PH4E
Eline PH4E

My name is Eline Kleibrink, an YL who lives in Wormer, a village of 10.000 inhabitants in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam.

When I was young, it must be 1966,  about 2 years old, I turned on a big tube radio of Philips and the photographer took a picture of me. Unfortunately I lost this pictures, otherwise I would show it here.

When I was on high school I met a friend who builded transmitters that worked in the 3 meter band, the band of fm broadcastings. It wasn’t legal but I sended with this transmitters for years, but in 1987, it was a day in September, policemen came in my house and took the transmitter.

After that day I didn’t send illegal anymore. I was going to listen to the radio scanner, to the conversation between police, fire department and ambulance.

In 2006 I bought a second hand portable radio scanner, an Icom. I didn’t know what the left button did, but after a short time I knew it was not only a radio scanner, but also a handheld transmitter with the great power of 100 mW. It was illegal to own this radio without a licence, so I had to do an exam to get a licence.

Since November 2006 I am a legal radio amateur (HAM), first with a small licence and the call PD4ELI. Since May 2014 I have a full licence with the call PH4E.

You can hear (and see) me (on the waterfall) on 80,40,30,20,15,10,6,2 and 0,7 meters. I use the modes JT65, JT9, Psk31, PSK63, RTTY, SSB and Fm.

On this site you can find information about my radios, antennas, neighbourhood and a real time log of my last 1000 contacts.

I have another site about HAM but that one is in Dutch (translator available).

My other HAM site.